30 Days of Creativity: Day 28

This was way harder to commit to than I originally thought. Maybe I’m just not that great at sitting down for a good amount of time to do every challenge. Maybe I don’t like the restriction of topics, even though they’re fun topics. 30 Days of Creativity, I’m not going to give up on you yet. I appreciate those who haven’t given up on me either. Been trying to follow the other “30 Days” bloggers that linked to the original post on Craft Critique. How is everyone doing?

Day 28: Paint with your fingers.

I used gloves. Is that cheating? I think safety first. My paint is acrylic, but some had ingredient warnings on the label. You would probably wear gloves, too. This needed a little something more…

… okay, I likey now. Reminds me of my Nick Bantock-inspired card. Except there I used a brush and rubber stamps (instant artistic flair). I think I should explore more paint and ink projects – you know, when I have more time. *sigh*


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