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Working, Like for Real

Julie Tiu June Monday Mugshot 6-15-15

And now starts summer

It’s the first official day of summer vacation for my family (I didn’t count the weekend, because that’s just normal scheduling.) and I’m skipping out the door to work. Work. Official part-time job. EXCITING! With a touch of good butterflies. And, ironically, the picture above shows that I’m having a cup of coffee and I’m going to work at our local tea shop, tea room, TeaLula. Let the record show: I never said I was solely a tea or coffee drinker. I’m equal opportunity.

So, what might this mean – this official part-time job? I get to work with friends. Awesome. I’ll learn, research, create content and write… I even get to play with some products and merchandise displays if I’m good. I wasn’t necessarily looking for work, but it seemed like such a natural fit that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Besides, I’ve kept myself in some sort of (work) loop for eight and a half years with dabbling in papercrafts, sewing, food blogging, art workshops, and copious amounts of volunteer work at church and school that mostly revolve around graphic layouts, writing, editing and social media. (Stay-at-home-mom clearly meant staying at home and working my butt off?)

It’ll be a great, new adventure.

Who knows, it might just inspire new projects and posts here, too!


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Mugshot Monday: Ornaments

Today’s prompt is “Mistletoe or humbug?”

It’s never really humbug around here. Today I’m sharing a couple of cherished ornaments. My favorite ornament is still at my parents’ home, and I look for it every year: a toy soldier girl with a wooden body and white cord limbs. She’s so cute, and actually it was my aunt and uncle’s. I loved it so much when I was little, my aunt let me take it home. It’s amazing I haven’t snagged it for my own home yet.

Mugshot Monday: 12/16/2013

This little crystal snowman came from a lovely family… I used to be their babysitter on Saturday nights. (So glad to say we’re all still in touch.) I look forward to seeing my snowman on the tree every year. The way it looks like pure ice; it’s like magic, and I’m giddy, young all over again.

Mugshot Monday: 12/16/2013

My husband and I bought this Swarovski star together in Seattle… I think the Christmas before our daughter was born. I suppose I could look at the year tag hanging on it. I love how the lights bounce off the points. This one always gets placed high up on the tree and in the front.

Mugshot Monday: 12/16/2013

I bought this teacup ornament just a few years ago… thought it was appropriate for today.

Just two more Mugshot Mondays left!

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Mugshot Monday: First Snow Fall

Mugshot Monday: 12/9/2013

Well, the first major snow fall anyway. Happy winter from my backyard… this is going to be a very busy week preparing for our 12th annual cookie exchange. I’ll savor the quiet when I can.

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Mugshot Monday: Catching Up

Monday Mugshot: Catching Up

June 17: A few nights before we left for vacation. That day was warm and maybe even humid. Everyone had gone to sleep, I was busy tying up loose ends, and I remember wanting to drink something cold. Naturally, I found the closest thing to winter – a picture of my dog-in-law, Graham. In my mug:  Bourbon and branch, my late-night drink of choice nowadays.

Monday Mugshot: Catching Up | Leavenworth, WA

June 24: Very quiet morning on our vacation. Part I: Leavenworth, WA. My sister-in-law rented a beautiful lodge for all of us to stay in. Twelve of us altogether (missing two others, bummer.) This was also where my pink eye was wreaking havoc. Terrible. So, I exiled myself one day and rested.

Spent a little time thinking about what I might do, if I could spend my day doing anything and money was no object. Easy to do out in the woods and no internet. Once again, my thoughts wandered around: art studio, designing with paper, designing fabric, teaching classes, or maybe owning a kitschy lifestyle-home shop. What about combining bikes, coffee, art…

Chateau Ste. Michelle visit

July 1: Traveled to Woodinville, WA for a day trip with my husband, kids, niece, and nephew.  Traded in my mug for a wine glass  and relaxed at Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Columbia Winery visit

(Columbia Winery is just across the street, but too grown-up/clubhouse-y for the kids. Note to self: visit next time without them.)

Monday Mugshot Valhalla Coffee Tacoma French Press

July 2: (bonus) Coffee at a favorite spot, Valhalla Coffee Company in Tacoma, WA. It’s like they knew I was coming that morning – the music playlist included Chicago, Air Supply, Bee Gees. Awesome. Of course, that doesn’t mean my husband immersed himself in nostalgia, but that’s okay. He seemed to enjoy me geeking out, and we talked vinyl records and open playlist night with another customer who owns a local bar.

That morning Valhalla offered a Uganda Bukonzo off the regular menu. My husband and I could not get over the unique cherry flavor. It wasn’t too acidic, and not too fruity, either. Fantastic balance. So we brought home a pound.

July 8: Relaxing back at home with a bin full of mail and tea in my favorite little footed mug.

Monday Mugshot home going through mail

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Mugshot Monday: Walls

PROMPT from Monday Mugshots Collaboration May 30th: My Walls. Do you have walls that you put up?
SHOOTERS: Shoot your mug in front of a cool textured wall.

I could have gone all deep and philosophical on this topic, but I just wanted to go for face value this time. This wall might not be super textured; it’s one wall of our home which we built on our own. (Well, let me clarify that, we general contracted on our own. My father-in-law and husband did the site management during the summer.) It seems like a long time ago now. Seven years.

Mugshot Monday: Walls

My cup of tea sits in front of water-stained limestone, and next to a newly planted lemon balm plant. I’m dreaming of a tea garden where lemon balm, chamomile and lavender can coexist. We have healthy echinacea growing but I always forget that we can use the buds for tea.

Mugshot Monday: First Monday of summer vacation

This morning I snagged my husband’s Intelligentsia mug for a few sips while I worked on a friend’s subway art piece. (Needed more caffeine since I finished mine so quickly.) And yes, I cut out letters by hand.

I realize I haven’t been very timely or good about sharing tutorials this Spring, and now we’re into Summer vacation – oy! Friends, I’m primarily trying to do more, sit less… so not to worry, I’m still making, baking, creating. Join me at Instagram or at the Facebook page for more of the daily happenings. Thanks and do let me know if you’re keeping up with Monday Mugshots!

Monday Mugshot prompts

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Mugshot Monday: Drink of Choice

Today’s prompt from “A Year in the Life of an Art Journal” was Drink of Choice.

Mugshot Monday: Drink of Choice

So, what’s in my mug nowadays? Today was Major Dickason’s from Peet’s. But on any given day, I might have a Sumatra from Starbuck’s or a blend from an independent roaster. I’m a purist. Love my French press. Well, honestly, I’m only making a cup for myself and the hubby. No need to break out the coffee maker.

Last December we took a tour of Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago. And we went home with like four bags of freshly roasted coffee! It was divine – so silky smooth. So now I’m spoiled.

But, I gotta say after the one cup of coffee, I really try to stick with tea if I want something hot to sip. And what better way than to have loose leaf tea from our favorite local tea shop, TeaLula.

TeaLula loose leaf tea

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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