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Working, Like for Real

Julie Tiu June Monday Mugshot 6-15-15

And now starts summer

It’s the first official day of summer vacation for my family (I didn’t count the weekend, because that’s just normal scheduling.) and I’m skipping out the door to work. Work. Official part-time job. EXCITING! With a touch of good butterflies. And, ironically, the picture above shows that I’m having a cup of coffee and I’m going to work at our local tea shop, tea room, TeaLula. Let the record show: I never said I was solely a tea or coffee drinker. I’m equal opportunity.

So, what might this mean – this official part-time job? I get to work with friends. Awesome. I’ll learn, research, create content and write… I even get to play with some products and merchandise displays if I’m good. I wasn’t necessarily looking for work, but it seemed like such a natural fit that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Besides, I’ve kept myself in some sort of (work) loop for eight and a half years with dabbling in papercrafts, sewing, food blogging, art workshops, and copious amounts of volunteer work at church and school that mostly revolve around graphic layouts, writing, editing and social media. (Stay-at-home-mom clearly meant staying at home and working my butt off?)

It’ll be a great, new adventure.

Who knows, it might just inspire new projects and posts here, too!


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Two month review: April and May

In the midst of all this, my son celebrated his First Communion. What a wonderful time with family and friends coming together on a gorgeous day. 🙂

(Back in April) Our Spring Break road trip led us here on the way home…

Lambert's Missouri

Home of Throwed Rolls

… and then a terrible case of sinusitis and migraines. Worst I ever felt in a long time.

Tea Mug TeaLula Julie Tiu

Springtime allergies and sickness

The clouds started to part and I joined the #taggedbykindness project with Kristi at and Amy at

art tags to leave for unsuspecting people

#taggedbykindness project with and Amy from

And wouldn’t you know it, I dove into our local Art Show and taught a drawing class…

Park Ridge Art and Music Walk

Hanging out at the Art and Music Walk

Swag bags ready! #zentangle class is gonna be fun, in a zen sort of way.

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2015: A New Year recap

Mugshot Monday: tea in the morning and settling in

Monday Mugshot: settling in | January 5, 2015

My family and I traveled to Seattle for Christmas and New Year’s! Such a great time with family: losing track of the days, playing late, sleeping in, eating our way through some favorite spots and checking out new places. Coming back was rough only because of the jetlag. I love coming home from a trip, and sleeping in my own bed. And now… the re-entry into our regularly scheduled life. Tough.

I wrote last November about my non-writing. I think that has a lot to do with changes in my focus, and especially with my kids involvement in school and activities. Actually, I just told someone yesterday that I think I took on two volunteer activities too many over the last year. They actually entail big projects, too, so I’m poising myself to step away from them. It’ll be good to release the ideas and work to someone else who can breathe new ideas into the work.

My focus this year will be to continue to share here when I can… showing the progress of projects, workshops and ideas. Still thinking about blog details, but that can come later.

Working on: leading an annual poster contest for our local city hall, social media and PR for my church parish women’s organization, getting my kids to write thank you notes…

Developing: a Valentine’s workshop with a friend, storefront window ideas for said friend’s store

Contributing at: and Monday Mugshots

Planning: a cool drawing theme for March (maybe), my daughter’s birthday

I’m happy for the new, clean slate, and hopeful for what 2015 holds. More dreaming and doing, less complaining and procrastination! Onward…

Julie Tiu | monday musghot

Monday Mugshot: time for a Moscow Mule | January 12, 2015


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November Update: Where am I?

It’s no surprise that I’ve been absent from blogging. I may be stepping out of the blogging world for a bit. Life has been pulling and pushing me to different degrees, and I have to admit that much of my hesitation to blog came after returning from the Philippines. I started to ask the questions (again): why I wanted to blog, what does it mean to me, how much time do I want to devote, is it fulfilling, and is it bringing me closer to any dreams? Do I even HAVE dreams and goals for this?

From www.

October Pic-a-day Challenge: Dreams

This year I set out to DO more, and stop drooling over other people’s activities. I just wanted to engage more.

My loved ones

My loved ones

Summer with my brother and cousins

Summer with my brother and cousins

Taking pictures, then writing and documenting – it just took more time than I wanted to devote. And, it’s definitely been a great year – much of it I need to thank to One Little Word and new friends (best penpal ever!).

Came home to an amazing letter and package… My #olwsmpp14 pen pal is the best! @twinsmama2011 can’t say thanks enough. #happymailday #kindredspirit #craftymom

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I still love this outlet, but I’ve found that Facebook and Instagram has been more conducive for my on-the-go life right now. And, unlike a lot of bloggers out there – I never had a real plan for this website. (I’m a planning sort of person, too!! Oh the irony.) I have WAY too many ideas floating around in my head, and I think it’s time to regroup so I can make these ideas actually come to life! Perhaps a rebranding… now doesn’t that sound official?

My wish is to continue creating and making something every day – even if it sucks – and that I can inspire a few folks down the road. I’ll still post here and there. In fact, I will be teaching a holiday crafterhours workshop at our local tea shop in a few weeks – so I’ll have some things to share from that, too.

I just felt like I had to get this off my mind… thanks. See you on FB and IG!

On Facebook: Pic-a-day challenge last month

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Mugshot Monday: March Madness (at home)

Mugshot Monday: 3/24/2014

I’m writing in bits and pieces this morning, because my head is filled with choppy ideas. Sometimes “choppy” is all I have. Life right now feels like it’s disjointed, but all are good chunks of time. If you’re a reader out there, hope you’re flowing along better than me. 🙂

Hosted an “open craft table” night at home with a few pals. Definitely want to do more!

Watching March Madness and playing our annual family bracket pool. Winner picks dinner out.

Stitched a postcard for the Great Stitched Postcard swap.

Preparing to teach a paper flower workshop at TeaLula this week!

Working on another Subway Art piece for a lovely lady who won it in an auction for Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge.

Participating in the #showusyalists journal challenge. Five lists in five days, and lots of fun.

Getting ready to visit friends over Spring Break at Goldberry Woods.

Helped out a friend join Pinterest and the Twittersphere. Won’t you welcome her?

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Mugshot Monday: Waiting for Spring

Another two-fer mugshot post…

Our days continue to be busy with activities, so I’m looking forward to a little break. Now whether or not it’ll feel like spring, that’s to be determined. It seems we can’t get past this warm sun-snow-freeze cycle. (Curse you, Polar Vortex!)

Mugshot Monday: 3/10/2014

Snow finally melting, except more snow on the way (March 10, 2014)

So, while I’ve been juggling the day-to-day life happenings, I’ve also been trying to sneak in some creative time when I can. I just finished my One Little Word activities for February. Got a thumbs up from Ali Edwards, herself! Eeeee.

Mugshot Monday: 3/17/2014

In case you missed out on some baked goods yesterday (like I did), feel free to check out my Irish Soda Bread and Irish Stout Coffee Cake recipes!

Monday Mugshot prompts: The Precinct

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