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Working, Like for Real

Julie Tiu June Monday Mugshot 6-15-15

And now starts summer

It’s the first official day of summer vacation for my family (I didn’t count the weekend, because that’s just normal scheduling.) and I’m skipping out the door to work. Work. Official part-time job. EXCITING! With a touch of good butterflies. And, ironically, the picture above shows that I’m having a cup of coffee and I’m going to work at our local tea shop, tea room, TeaLula. Let the record show: I never said I was solely a tea or coffee drinker. I’m equal opportunity.

So, what might this mean – this official part-time job? I get to work with friends. Awesome. I’ll learn, research, create content and write… I even get to play with some products and merchandise displays if I’m good. I wasn’t necessarily looking for work, but it seemed like such a natural fit that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Besides, I’ve kept myself in some sort of (work) loop for eight and a half years with dabbling in papercrafts, sewing, food blogging, art workshops, and copious amounts of volunteer work at church and school that mostly revolve around graphic layouts, writing, editing and social media. (Stay-at-home-mom clearly meant staying at home and working my butt off?)

It’ll be a great, new adventure.

Who knows, it might just inspire new projects and posts here, too!


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2015: A New Year recap

Mugshot Monday: tea in the morning and settling in

Monday Mugshot: settling in | January 5, 2015

My family and I traveled to Seattle for Christmas and New Year’s! Such a great time with family: losing track of the days, playing late, sleeping in, eating our way through some favorite spots and checking out new places. Coming back was rough only because of the jetlag. I love coming home from a trip, and sleeping in my own bed. And now… the re-entry into our regularly scheduled life. Tough.

I wrote last November about my non-writing. I think that has a lot to do with changes in my focus, and especially with my kids involvement in school and activities. Actually, I just told someone yesterday that I think I took on two volunteer activities too many over the last year. They actually entail big projects, too, so I’m poising myself to step away from them. It’ll be good to release the ideas and work to someone else who can breathe new ideas into the work.

My focus this year will be to continue to share here when I can… showing the progress of projects, workshops and ideas. Still thinking about blog details, but that can come later.

Working on: leading an annual poster contest for our local city hall, social media and PR for my church parish women’s organization, getting my kids to write thank you notes…

Developing: a Valentine’s workshop with a friend, storefront window ideas for said friend’s store

Contributing at: and Monday Mugshots

Planning: a cool drawing theme for March (maybe), my daughter’s birthday

I’m happy for the new, clean slate, and hopeful for what 2015 holds. More dreaming and doing, less complaining and procrastination! Onward…

Julie Tiu | monday musghot

Monday Mugshot: time for a Moscow Mule | January 12, 2015


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Mugshot Monday: In the Garden

Mugshot Monday: 5/19/2014

Nicer weather means more daydreaming about the garden – the stuff that’s growing, not growing, the stuff I wish I planted last fall, the stuff that was planted and I’m hoping survived. And, since we had one heck of a winter, all this green is so enticing and welcoming that I’ve slowed down on projects and taken to the outside… even if that means some paperwork on the patio table! My outdoor goal this year is to do the least amount work possible – throw all the (carefully selected) seeds I have in the ground, plant perennials from my dad’s garden and leave it to the universe, no veggies, maybe herbs that are self-sustaining. Why? Partially because I’m lazy, and I won’t be able to really take care of a garden this year since we are taking a big trip when school lets out.

Mugshot Monday: 5/26/2014

Mugshot Monday and journaling, daisies blooming, new plantings, and kitchen garden

However, this doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming and doing something. (You know I have a hard time saying no to projects!) So for the last few weeks, I’ve moved almost all the houseplants outside, brought over my mother-in-law’s plants, thrown an abundance of seeds in the ground and plopped in some greenery from my parents’ yard (since they have plenty to share). When I remember, I jot down details in my garden journal (like this morning).

I tease my husband that this will be the year – the garden will be amazing because I’m not going to over-think things and we’ll come back from our trip to lush flower beds. HA!

Let’s find out.

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Mugshot Monday: It’s May

Springtime means allergies or a cold, or both.

But at least it’s (finally) getting warmer and plants are growing!

And, it’s always a nice treat to get flowers on Mother’s Day.

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Mugshot Monday: April in Review

I felt like Spring was finally in the air…

Mugshot Monday: April 7, 2014

… until it snowed like this on April 14. I was so stunned that I forgot my mug in the shot.

Mugshot Monday: April 14, 2014

Tax Day came and went. Then I got down (literally, on the floor) to work on some projects, like One Little Word.

Mugshot Monday: 4/21/2014

Here’s the finished Vision Board.

Mugshot Monday: Vision Board

And, I found an old artist trading card series I made in 2008 for an “Encouragement” swap… It finally has a home in my One Little Word binder.

Mugshot Monday: 4/28/2014

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Mugshot Monday: It’s Finally Spring

This week’s Mugshot Monday is full of pics from last week – Spring Break. It goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? My family and I didn’t go anywhere too far since there’s a big trip in the works this summer. We didn’t want to bust our vacation budget, nonetheless we filled our week with kid-friendly activities at Goldberry Woods.

It’s so fun just hanging out, eating, drinking and laughing with friends! All our kids ran around the woods and only came in when they were hungry, or they wanted screen time. Imagine eight kids huddled around one computer screen! It’s the new fireside chat by the radio – and if you get that reference, kudos to you.

Mugshot Monday: 3/31/2014

At Goldberry Woods

I had a good weather day which meant… bicycle maintenance checks!

Springtime at Goldberry Woods

Bicycles all cleaned up at Goldberry Woods

My hubby and our friend held a science lab for the kids… DIY calorimeter. Awesome.

Springtime at Goldberry Woods. Science class.

DIY Calorimeter at Goldberry Woods

Somehow I got the kids to doodle and draw with me. Hehehe.

Drawing. Doodling. Zentangles. Julie Tiu.

We even had some time to walk around the property… checking out the seedlings in the hoop house (greenhouse)!

Springtime at Goldberry Woods

Seedlings at Goldberry Woods

… walking on one of the trails.

Springtime at Goldberry Woods

Now we’re back home. Everyone’s at work and school. Today, I’m finishing our taxes (crossing fingers!). My head was spinning from papers, so I took a small break outside with a cuppa.

I thought, “What a cool reflection in my mug! Oh, look, my grass is actually turning green!”

The Spring miracle.

Mugshot Monday: 4/7/2014

This week, stay tuned for a “vintage” recipe redo and some Easter artwork!

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