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Mugshot Monday: New Year 2014

Mugshot Monday: 1/6/2014

(A little New Year’s rambling…)

Wow. Wasn’t I just sitting here writing about what I hoped for in 2013?

I always have these lofty ideas and dreams, projects I want to do, projects I want to finish, recipes I want to try, and restaurants I’d like to visit. And, the kicker is – at the end of the year I look back and get kind of irritated at myself that I didn’t do all I set out to do. Okay, that’s the overachiever in me… I can’t be the only one who thinks this. But, after a breath, I realize and remind myself, hey, look at all the stuff we (this virtual community) did do and look at all the people we’ve connected with?! This has been a good year.

Truly, I have to stop comparing myself and this website/blog to some of the blogs I absolutely drool over. You know, there are just some a-mazing blogs that seemingly have business game plans and focus. These people probably have more help at home than I have, and probably have website designers, other contributors, etc.

I told my husband (what I say every year) that I just want be a better, more put-together “me”. And he said quite simply, “I think you’re already pretty put-together…” What a guy. Knows how to break it down. 🙂

So, this year, I’m looking forward to sharing and teaching at more local workshops which may mean less writing here. (I think that’s already made itself apparent. 2013 was busy, busy with school and church. That’s not going to change.) I think this year, regardless of the projects (because there will always be projects) it’ll be about focusing, daring to share.

Okay 2014, let’s go! Bring it. I’m ready. Are you?

** I appreciate all your notes, thoughts, ideas… Please hop over to the Facebook page to connect with more happenings!

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Mugshot Monday: Before Christmas

Mugshot Monday: 12/23/2013

I don’t think there’s much to say here except that I’m behind in just about everything. Is it really Christmas in two days?

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Mugshot Monday: Almost Halloween

Mugshot Monday: Almost Halloween

Making goodie bags for the kiddies.

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Mugshot Monday: With Friends

Mugshot Monday: With Friends

Moms. Sometimes we struggle to make time for ourselves. It just makes the little get-togethers that we DO have even better!

So happy to have found these ladies through our children.

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Mugshot Monday: Emotions

Mugshot Monday: 9/16/13

Monday Mugshots Collaboration

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Mugshot Monday: Returning to Schedules

Mugshot Monday: August 12, 2013

I’m pooped. This picture is pretty much before bedtime… I get to read a little bit (in reality, it’s looking a pretty pictures) and sip some warm tea from well-loved travel mug from my former life.

It’s been an amazingly mild (weather) summer and I love being able to spend time with my whole family, but it’s also getting to that point where everyone should be going back to regularly scheduled stuff – like school and work. (I’m sure y’all know what I speak of.) My work that awaits: crafting, volunteering, and a new writing adventure since both my kids will be in school all day. Before we know it, the holidays will be here. (GAH, I need to start working on Christmas gifts???)

We have one last little trip to visit family (wedding time!) and then my hubs goes back to work, kids will follow in a week. Time to get back-to-school teacher treats ready!

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