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Just for Fun: Archetypes – What’s Yours?

archetype circle graph


Once in a while, I veer off my “gotta-be-productive” road and crash into a bunch of fun, time-sink, black hole websites. Usually this happens after the holidays, or when we’ve had a whirlwind of non-stop activities and I just want to sit, veg, and do nothing. (Yes, that really does happen.) A long time ago I hooked on the IKEA Name Generator, then there were a few graphic design generators, and games… more recently I found I took a quiz on the site that basically gives you a summary of your personality type, your tendencies… and it spit out what I knew about myself, although I did expect two different archetypes. I just find personality quizzes fun – a remnant of the high-school-me.

So, like the graphic shows, I have creative, advocate and visionary tendencies. And the website goes on and explains the archetypes.

  • The Creative appreciates all beautiful things, in art and daily life. The creative act is essential to who they are. Unique Challenge: To overcome the fear of being unoriginal.
  • The Advocate is the one everyone wants on their side. In the name of justice, they are not afraid to challenge authority or speak up for others. Unique Challenge: To find causes that engage my strengths, not my personal agenda.
  • Leave it to others to live by the status quo. The Visionary is interested in new ways of seeing, solutions not yet imagined, products not yet built. Lesson To Learn: To believe in my vision, however great or small, and my creative potential to change lives.

The unique challenge and lesson to learn certainly piqued my curiosity.

Which ones are you: creative, athlete, rebel, caregiver, visionary, royal, performer, spiritual, tastemaker, explorer, advocate or intellectual?

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Forget the Chores . . . Too Nice Outside

I want to know if there are more chore-challenged people out there besides me. Would it surprise you to know there are dishes in the sink, laundry waiting to be folded, mail piling up? It comes and goes in cycles around here. And, honestly, it kills me.

It’s the part of me I dislike the most… my procrastination. I just get exhausted picking up after everyone, and I blame myself for not teaching my kids better, for not having the picture-perfect “Better Homes & Garden” home that’s ready for guests at the drop of a pin.

Here’s the thing – there’s so much I’d rather do. Like, today. We’ve been blessed with the most ridiculous March weather in Chicago. I want to hop on my bike, I want to finish some sewing projects, start other projects, eat lunch and write outside… So, I’m trying to give myself a pass today to not feel guilty about enjoying the day. Give yourself one, too, won’t you?

Lately, I’ve been struggling a little with writing, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m trying to be someone I’m not on the website, if I’m just REALLY overextended with things, if I’m horrible at time management. It’s time again for me to reevaluate things and find my voice. Might tweak the site a little, also. (OH, Sorry if anyone has had issues with the comment box. It’s fixed now.) I’m just glad my family and friends are super supportive. 🙂

I’m looking forward to sharing some more of our February and March: birthday party ideas, rice krispie sushi and more cooking and crafting ideas. Also, if you’re interested, take a look at Can’t wait to journal about my adventures.

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Royal Wedding Viewing Party (for one) menu

Image courtesy of Craft (

Let’s face it, there’s a bit of Royal Wedding fever, like it or not. My husband, not. Me, love it. Well, I like the pageantry, I like the fashions, the pomp and circumstance. I remember when Charles and Diana were married. I was only seven years old, and it was magical.

Diana and Charles (1981) Image from BBC

This time around, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to all the hubbub. How can anyone escape it? William and Kate are all over the news, but in my house there are two kids and we watch lots of kid shows. So, I’ve set DVR to record the coverage on Friday, you know, in case I don’t get my butt out of bed at 3 a.m. There’s a viewing party in my neighborhood at 5 a.m.! Alas, I don’t know if I’ll get there either. Besides, I have a kid to drive to school, and a household to run… DVR is the way to go.

I think I’m going to make a batch of blueberry scones, and buy some clotted cream and lemon curd tomorrow… ooh, and pick up some Earl Grey at TeaLula. I’d love to know if anyone else out there is having a viewing party.


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Reading Lonny Mag

Am I the last person to know that some of the staff of Domino Magazine went and started Lonny Mag? Happy, happy, happy… I’m excited to be able to thumb through this decorating mini-bible.

I kept my last year of Domino magazines tucked away in a basket, but seriously, I do thumb through them from time to time, looking for bits of inspiration for home, for design ideas when I craft to entertaining… and how disappointed was I when they stopped publishing.

Thanks, Lonny Mag, for resurrecting some beautiful work!

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Back to the Routine

New Year’s Eve and Day feel like blur now. Guests have traveled back home, and the house is empty. It’s been a party for almost two weeks! Kids are back in school, husband is back at work, and in a sense, so am I.

Random thoughts to start the year…

  • The garlic didn’t get in the ground before the cold snap. I wonder if I can just plant them in planters to have them outside?
  • As much as I complain about laundry, there’s something about washing all the linens and blankets from the holidays and folding dry, clean sheets, and putting away fluffy comforters and towels that makes me happy.
  • Anyone catch the start of the Oprah Winfrey Network?
  • I’m happy my fabric hoarding days are in the past… there are some fun projects to be had this year, and some projects yet to be finished from last year.
  • Lots of great things happening with Craft Critique and Niles Patch! I’m happy to be a part of it.
  • Not looking forward to taking all the Christmas decorations down. The house always looks so bare.
  • My son has drained all the make-believe playing out of me with his unlimited energy and love of superheroes. I have now been cast as Scarlet Witch, Batgirl and sometimes mom of Silver Surfer.

I am looking forward to continuing this journal and journey with all you virtual and real friends! Thanks to all the new Blog Frog friends, too!

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A Little Rest and a Little Online Game

I’m taking a little break from the blog to relax with my family. It’s been a fun week in the Seattle-Tacoma area (it’s NOT raining, ha) and I can’t wait to share some great places, food and finds.

While we were sitting around having a lazy morning, I heard my little man squealing with laughter mixed with screams from the laptop. Of course, I wanted to know what was going on and my nephew showed me this game. I found it slightly disturbing, but I couldn’t help but laugh. Tell me, am I sick? Warning to those in an office – turn down your speakers and try not to laugh out loud.

Cheers…I’ll catch you readers next week!

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