Craft Book Review: The Star Wars Craft Book

The Star Wars Craft Book | project-in-progress

“Dedicated to Geeky Craftsters everywhere. May the glue gun be with you!”

I received The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton (Del Rey, 2011, 156 pgs.) as a Christmas gift last year. Galactic ideas here. Clever projects use material you can probably find around your house, and if not, they aren’t too pricey. Like usual, I devoured the book and earmarked some projects, (like this R2-D2 beanie!), but only recently started my first project.

If only I knew how to crochet…

I found the book tone very casual unlike a Martha Stewart craft book – very precise. That’s not a bad or good thing… just an observation. The patterns for all the projects are located at the back of the book and online (if you don’t want to cut up your book, or need to copy and enlarge the patterns).

Jar Jar in-progress

My son asked me for Jar Jar Binks Jedi Mind Trick Doll. Not my first choice. My husband asked him if he might like some other project: the Bith Band puppets, a Bantha… maybe Han Solo in Soaponite. Nope.

“Jar Jar. Because he’s cute.”

One issue with the Jar Jar project material list: red felt is missing. You need it for Jar Jar’s tongue. The directions are easy to follow, but the directions fail to include a step for the arms. They are included in the pattern.

So as of this post, the project is in-progress. Since I didn’t have any felt on hand, I decided to use what I had: cotton and some flannel. I always seem to drift away from patterns (craft apron), directions (t-shirt quilt) and recommended materials. They’re just suggestions, right?

I’ll post the finished project as an update… and, would this book be a welcome addition to the Geek Crafter in your life? Yes, yes it would. It’s fun for the whole family, it’s fun if you’re a Star Wars fan… just plain fun!

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